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NCIS Fanfiction Mpreg List
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Please add new Mpregs with links in a comment, whether you are recommending or letting us know about your own.

I feel that this genre supports a lot of hurt/comfort and gives quite a spin on canon, by-the-book stories. If you haven't read one, give it a try.

I've noted the type of Mpreg story: mad science, genetic (normal even if rare in that society), and alien. Most of these are mostly Tony Gets Pregnant, but there are some Tim McGee-Mpregs and, so far, one Gibbs. I also mention misspellings if they strike me other than the occasional mistake. I've also taken the liberty of capitalizing the titles in this list, even if the author did not. If a story written back in 2007 is still unfinished I haven't listed it.

I've added the date when the story was written whenever possible. You may find these stories at other web sites as well. If you'd like a story added to this list email me. If your story is listed here and you see an inaccuracy - email me! I've read these stories, some a while ago, and my notes are personal recollections or impressions. I will add to and edit this list as time goes on.

Knocked Up by TonyWhumper/ Jennifer
Published: 2009
Length: 16 chapters, each chapter is titled
Rated: M
Warnings or genre: Humor/Family
DiNozzo/McGee slash
MPREG: genetic

Author says: So a little explanation as to how my boys are able to get pregnant: In my universe, while men getting pregnant isn't an unheard of occurrence, it's not exactly an everyday thing either. We're going to go with a mutated gene theory. Meaning Tony is even more special than we all originally thought :)

My notes: This humorous story takes you all the way from Tony becoming pregnant through the birth. The existing relationship is good, and Tim is very patient with Tony.

Sample dialog: "If you..." he trailed off, closing his eyes as an involuntary moan escaped his lips, "let me be on top… I'll let you… God, Tony," McGee whimpered.
"You'll let me what?" Tony asked, mumbling against McGee's neck.
"I'll…I'll let you… pretend to be Magnum."


Movements Towards Life by Tabitha Llewellyn
Published: 3/2007
Length: 1 chapter, 9000 words (There is a sequel called Snapshots of a Life.)
Rated: FRT
DiNozzo/Gibbs slash
MPREG: genetic

Summary: Gibbs and Tony find themselves in an unusual situation.
From chapter 1: Tony stopped and took a shaky breath. “The letter says they want to discuss my ‘fertility’ options but what they mean is that if I’m not pregnant, or at least with someone who meets their standards and planning to get pregnant, by the time I’m 35 then the choice is out of my hands.”

My notes: Pregnancy common among men. The government has made it compulsory for people who carry a gene mutation to procreate. Good premise. Goes from conception into pregnancy. Sequel covers the birth and beyond. A story of family. Detailed explanations about male pregnancy but sex is only alluded to. Some typos and UK spelling.

Snapshots of a Life by Tabitha Llewellyn
Published: 3/2007
Length: 10,000 words
Rated: FRT
DiNozzo/Gibbs slash
Sequel to Movements Towards Life
MPREG: genetic

Author says: This is the second part of Movements Towards Life really. It's a bit more disjointed than the first part, which is why I decided to call it Snapshots.

My notes: This covers a lengthy period of time in small doses. From 4th month of pregnancy to birth and some snapshots showing how they are, years beyond. A story of kids and family.


A Christmas Miracle by Xanthe
Published: 12/2009
Length: 1 chapter
Rated: R
Warnings or genre: Holiday, humor, romance
DiNozzo/Gibbs slash
MPREG: genetic

Author says: Tony is in the habit of receiving really unusual Christmas presents.
A sequel to "Puppy Love".

My notes: Begins with the guys in a committed relationship and two three-month-old babies crying in the next room. Flashback to a year earlier as to how Tony got pregnant. Character development through well-defined scenes, some quirky. This says a lot: “Man, what an insane couple of years,” Tony said, rocking Jack gently in an attempt to get the stubborn baby back to sleep. “First I was a puppy, and then I got pregnant.”


And Steady It Goes... by ghosts_writer

Author says: Not betaed, all mistakes are mine Series status: This series is not completed. (But one of the stories is complete.)

My notes: It appears this DiNozzo/Gibbs slash/MPREG series contains one complete story (The Worse the Start the Better the End) and then a lengthy incomplete one (Fear of the Dark). I haven't read it yet but a glance told me there are some misspellings.

The Worse the Start the Better the End
 Published: 2006
Length: 7 chapters
Rated: NC-17
Warnings or genre: Dark story, domestic abuse, and more.
DiNozzo/Gibbs slash
MPREG: genetic

Summary: Tony and Gibbs are living together for six years now and their son has grown a lot. But they're like a trouble magnet, Tony grew up with the knowledge about the risks of male pregnancies and he surely doesn't want to take that risk

Fear of the Dark
Published: 2007
Not completed
Length: 18 chapters
Rated: NC-17
Warnings or genre: Dark story, homophobia
DiNozzo/Gibbs slash
MPREG: genetic


...But What About Me? by Amanuesis
Updated: 2010
Not complete but it is currently being written and updated
Length: 14 chapters so far
Rated: NC-17
Warnings or genre:
DiNozzo/Gibbs slash
MPREG: genetic

Summary: Only one night with the only thing Tony ever wanted and his world fell apart...

My notes: Spelling is UK, typos and odd capitalizations. Takes place when Kate was alive. Begins with Tony puking his guts out, not knowing what's wrong with him and a flashback as to how he conceived the child he's carrying. Heavy on the angst.


Pregnant by Boris8032
Published: 8/2007
Length: 29 chapters
Rated: FRAO
DiNozzo/Gibbs slash
Warnings or genre: Some violence, Mpreg, rape
MPREG: genetic

Summary: Gibbs gets a surprise, but acts strangely.
Author's notes: Okay, so this is my first mpreg fic, tell me what you think! also gibbs may be a bit ooc in the first few chaps, but you'll find out why later...

My notes: For once it isn't Tony who is pregnant! I have concerns with the punctuation but the story is entertaining. Goes from when Gibbs discovers he's pregnant through birthing the baby.


Second Chance by Cernicalo
Published: 12/2009
Length: 42 chapters
Rated: FRAO
DiNozzo/Gibbs slash
Warnings: H/C, Mpreg, violence, rape
MPREG: mad science

Author's Summary: Tony is forced into having a child. Can Gibbs make it right?

My notes: A great start and the rest of this long and fulfilling story is one big roller-coaster ride. This is a 'mad science' Mpreg story, with some pretty twisted and villainous bad guys. Tony gets the full hurt/comfort routine, Gibbs can't be more supportive, the team is there the whole time. I added violence and rape to the ratings. Takes us from Tony already pregnant to having the baby and beyond.


Without Consent by Archangel
Published: 3/2010
Length: 4 chapters
Rated: NC-17
DiNozzo/Gibbs slash
Warnings or genre: Angst and romance and sex and bad words.
MPREG: mad science

My notes: Interesting premise with the writer taking us straight into a scene with Tony already pregnant. We later learn how he got that way. Archangel is a male fanfic writer, and his point of view reflects that. The thing that stands out in this story is that Tony doesn't feel for the child he's carrying due to the way in which it was conceived, and that Gibbs loves Tony (within their long-standing relationship) with or without the child. That's my take on it, anyway.


Zoom by missfae
Published: 2007
Length: 1 short chapter
Rated: M or FRT-13
DiNozzo/Gibbs slash
Warnings or genre: AU, implied rape, OOC, mpreg, hurt/comfort
MPREG: genetic

My notes: There is an awful lot going on in this very compressed story, which makes me wish that it was expanded upon.


Die And Kill For by ghosts_writer
Published: 2007
Length: Individual stories complete but author says series not complete
Rated: NC-17
DiNozzo/Gibbs slash
Warnings or genre: death, dark story, violence, and more
MPREG: unknown at this time

What a Difference Two Years Makes - 9 chapters
Worth Collecting - 11 chapters
Circle of Life - 18 chapters
Haunted - 6 chapters

Author summary: Gibbs and Tony make a fresh start and they get a pleasant surprise that will change their life completely.

My notes: Although that sounds like a happy little family synopsis, the dire warnings suggest otherwise. I haven't read this yet, but will soon. Misspellings seen at first glance.

Gibbs First Love by Myst
Published: 2010
Length: 21 chapters, complete
Rated: NC-17
Gibbs/OMC slash
Warnings or genre: angst, H/C, slash, romance
MPREG: genetic

Author summary: He grew up with Gibbs. When Gibbs went in to the Military they fought lost contact. He shows back up in Gibbs life can they both admit to each other they were each others first love when they were teenagers.

Notes: Although it says it isn't complete on the lead-in page, it is finished. First person from the OMC point of view. I haven't read this yet.

Misconceptions by ceindreadh
Published: 2006
Length: 32 chapters, complete
Rated: NC-17 or T
Gibbs/DiNozzo, Palmer/McGee
Warnings or genre: angst, H/C, established relationship
MPREG: genetic

Author summary: There's a happy expectant couple at NCIS. There's also a not so happy one. M-Preg fic.


I love MPreg fics :) I've got a few you haven't listed here on my delicious bookmarks if your looking for more?

Thanks for making suggestions - now why have I never seen your bookmarks list? Some sites don't show up I guess in searches. I've been bookmarking stories for a few months and only recently sorted them again, thanks!

apparently, my last comment was too messed to be viewed correctly-let's try again!

there is a great one by cosmic_mpreg, but you have to be her LJ friend to view it. It's really great, though, and totally worth reading.

Also, by bloodyfandom, there is Improbable Not Impossible and its prologue, Gone Camping.

Those are three of my favorites-enjoy! :)

Thanks for the suggestions. I have to look in the fanfic search, too, when I get time.

I read this story this AM on my iphone and will go back to read it on a larger screen later - but it had to be the best mpreg I've ever read! I do general searches to find these stories and a lot of them don't appear on the google radar, so I will also scour the fic-seekers LJ site.
Also, by bloodyfandom, there is Improbable Not Impossible and its prologue, Gone Camping.

Mpreg Other Fandoms Links


2010-11-16 06:12 pm (UTC)

This is a MPREG list covering various fandoms.

Re: Mpreg Other Fandoms Links


2011-11-23 02:06 am (UTC)


(Deleted comment)

Crazy (Tony & Tim; MPREG)

“And then I have to buy this and make sure I pain the room this color…” Tony DiNozzo was rambling onto his boyfriend about the preparations for their first child who was due in three months.

Tim McGee was laying back on the couch absentmindedly rubbing his large pregnant tummy listening to his crazy nervous ranting boyfriend go on and on about all the things he had to do for the baby. He was sure that Tony was more nervous and wild up about the baby coming than he himself was.

“And if I don’t get the furniture from Gibbs then the whole set up is going to be ruined and I don’t have HALF of the border bought because the stupid store ran out and-!”

I don't have any fics to add but I will say that I check this list on a regular basis looking for more.

I found this one to add to the list - as of today it is still a WIP - //UPDATE! It is now complete.//

Till Life Do Us Start
by Nyre The Black Rose

Tony is kidnapped with life altering results. Gibbs steps in to help him put humpty dumpty together again.
Rated M due to subject matter as well as sexual situations.
NCIS - Rated: M - English - Fantasy/Family - Chapters: 15 - Words: 35,090 - Reviews: 44 - Updated: 10-13-12 - Published: 9-23-12 - Leroy Jethro Gibbs & Tony D.

Edited at 2014-01-05 01:08 am (UTC)

I am currently writing an mpreg story it is currently at 22,956 words and still going lol

Thanks for adding your link. If you know of any other NCIS Mpregs that are not already listed or posted in remarks, feel free to add them in a reply.

MPREG story: Ours by KinkyKorner


2014-02-07 01:24 am (UTC)

by KinkyKorner
A voyeuristic look at intimate scenes before, during, and after the birth of Gibbs' and Tony's daughter. This fic contains very detailed descriptions of labor and birth, lots of sweet and tender moments, and some hotness just for good measure.
Slash, MPREG. Whump!Tony, Comfort!Gibbs, Bellykink!Gibbs, Midwife Palmer.
Rated: Fiction M
Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Tony D.
Chapters: 9 - Words: 16,234
Published: Jan 26 - Status: Complete

It's Part Of My Charm
by Drumerchick007
Our fearless leader is pregnant, and his Senior Agent is the father.
Rated: Fiction M
Humor/Romance - Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Tony D. - Chapters: 7 - Words: 11,422 Jun 17, 2013 - Complete

NCIS: Los Angeles Mpreg!


2014-02-08 01:15 am (UTC)

Returning Home by BlackDiamonds.32.20.54
Summary: "You got someone to return home too?" His team member asked, Sam studied him for a minute before nodding. "Yeah, soon to be two some ones." Slash, Mpreg
Rated: Fiction K, one chapter, complete
or at AO3:

Edited at 2014-02-08 01:20 am (UTC)

NCIS: Los Angeles Mpreg! part 2


2014-02-08 01:18 am (UTC)

and its sequel at AO3

A War Won by JaggedDiamonds
NCIS: Los Angeles
20 Mar 2013
G Callen/Sam Hanna, past mpreg, Established Relationship, Undercover

Summary: Sequel of sorts to Returning Home, the intense moment shared between Callen and Sam during espisode 4.13, The Chosen One.


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